2019 Yenko Corvette, Powerful Beast With 1000 HP

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1000HP-Yenko-Corvette American Muscle Car 2019

Production on Yenko Corvette 2019 is limited only to 25 cars.

Common and constant Chevy associate Specialty Vehicle Engineering has disclosed its 2019 package for improvement to the respected, esteemed program and structure. Don Yenko was the person who bought the 106 Camaros in the late 1960s and changed and altered it opposite to the direction expressed by Chevrolet’s executive and decision-making team.



1000HP-Yenko-Corvette American Muscle Car 2019


Now, Yenko’s name which is into the mix takes the courage to match the original version and Yenko’s will. And here it is – the result – a historical series of Camaros with race-prepped Corvette V8 power under the hood.

The 2019 Yenko Corvette wishes to indulge, enjoy that heritage with a package that opposes the rest of Detroit’s growing power output arms race. Plenty of visible, external good things are added to guarantee and make sure that their Yenko Corvette distinct from lower-spec siblings – the Grand Sport is also included which Yenko Corvette is based on, and the Z06 which dreams about surpassing.



1000HP-Yenko-Corvette American Ride Car 2019



What the 25 examples will be established, built, and based on is either coupe or convertible Grand Sports. After that, they get a one-of-the-kind and singular set of color patterns with a central hood scoop surround, which goes on onto a line down the roof, trunk, and rear spoiler.

A choice of nine visible colors matches with a sliding line that broadens, widens from side vents behind the front wheel to the rear spoiler. Yenko Corvette is a supreme, paramount, greatest vehicle from every angle – reading either 835HP or 1000HP depending on Stage I or Stage II specifics.

This is declared by copious badging. The wheels are powder coated which features a color-matched line.



1000HP-Yenko-Corvette American Car 2019



An optional ground effects package with a front splitter and side skirts painted in carbon flash metallic is included. The rear end is rounded out, completed with a rear diffuser in carbon flash metallic cast aluminum quad exhaust tips with Yenko badging and the Z06 rear spoiler with the flexible center.

Further, supplementary fender, bumper graphics, a large logo on the hood behind its cowl, and the brake calipers which are Yenko-branded are ready to use and applicable too. Similar to the original Yenko Camaro, the 2019 Yenko Corvette hopes to listen back towards the passion and devout of the structure. That is in the upgrades of its engine.



1000HP-Yenko-Corvette American Beast Car 2019


The package of the Stage II supercharger increases its power to 1000 horses and 855 lb-ft of torque, more than doubled one of Grand Sport.

The Z06 handles a matching 650 horses lb-ft, which grants Chevy to reply a 0-60 sprint for less than three seconds. SVE’s custom-built 6.8 –liter engine makes all that grant possible. It is based on the basic 6.2 –liter LT-1, with a block made of aluminum.

It is a rotating assembly balanced with a computer, high flow LT4 cylinder heads, an ARP high strength head, and main studs. What is increased at the same time is the supercharger’s displacement, it is by 20% for a 25% increase in the total upgrade. Boosted fuel injectors, exhaust, and throttle body larger for10 percent harmonize with the mix.



1000HP-Yenko-corvette American Speed Car 2019


For the customers who are not able to have one of the 25 Stage II Yenko Corvettes, simultaneously there will be 25Stage II models sold. The production is limited to 835 horsepower and 770 lb-ft of torque.

A lot of the improvements and boosts will be convenient with a seven-speed manual transmission with active rev-matching. An eight-speed automatic with paddle shifting is the extra and supplementary alternative. The stock automatic trans gets a hold heavy-duty improvement to compete and deal with so much additional beef.


1000HP-Yenko-Corvette American Sports Car 2019


SVE frequently suggests and gives a12 – month/12,000-mile warranty on the transmission only. Other characteristics and lineaments which are upgrading and strengthening the performance are Brembo brakes with carbon ceramics for handling StageII power which measures 14.6 inches out front with six-piston calipers.

Magnetic Ride Control, a differential which is limited – slip dry sump oil system and improved sway bars front and rear.


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