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Have a burning question about the specifications of a classic muscle car? Wondering about the latest trends in the US automobile industry? Feel free to reach out to us – your go-to source for comprehensive and timely answers. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing insights into the nuances of American Muscle Cars, from performance upgrades to the historical milestones that have shaped the industry.



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Contacting us is as easy as turning the key in your favorite muscle car. Whether you prefer the immediacy of a direct call or the convenience of an email, we’ve streamlined our communication channels to cater to your preferences. Shoot us an email at or write on ours FB page “House Of American Cars” and our team will rev up to respond to your queries as soon as possible.


It is our great pleasure to be in touch with all true fans to share information about American muscle cars.




All your opinions, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome at any time, and please feel free to write to us. All your comments are important to us because all this gives us more motivation to work in order to improve the entire content of our website, and better build our House Of American Cars.


We expect to start together to ride in our shared enjoyment and passion – American cars.

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget: life is too short to drive boring cars, , therefore drive your dreams.

That’s why you’re driving American Muscle Cars because they are Best In The World.


Best regards,
The team on House Of American Cars


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