Keanu Reeves Cars And His 6 Perfect Motorcycles

Everyone loves Keanu Reeves! Because he is an excellent actor who’s been in some legendary roles, and also he’s a fantastic person. And more importantly, for this article, he’s a serious gearhead. This 58-year-old Canadian actor faced a few serious tragedies in his life, but he was always persistent and Read more…

George Barris Original Batmobile 1966

Do You Want To Buy A Powerful Batmobile Car?

The Snakepit Dragster one of the most excellent, immense, and the most powerful creations of George Barris, goes up for sale. Who’s George Barris? – He is a famous and acclaimed designer of the first Batmobile who has also designed a lot of marvelous cars in his lifetime. This made Read more…

50 Cent Rolls Royce Phantom 1

What 50 Cent Do with His Luxury Rolls-Royce Phantom?

Enthusiasts, and especially car enthusiasts are usually difficult to be understood by other people. The others, ordinary people consider their cars only as a method of transport, which is not the case with passionate car lovers. That’s why it is hard to understand why car enthusiasts don’t even want anyone to Read more…

House Of American Cars