Why There Is No Buyer For The Expensive Ford GT?

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2019 Ford GT American Muscle Car
Nowadays it is really hard for Ford GT to find a buyer. You haven’t forgotten that Ford GT got sold at auction back in May, have you? It was sold for $ 1.65 million when Ford went for freezing ending the sale.

From that time on it is a real trouble, it is really difficult for GT to find its owner. It isn’t easy at all to find someone who will keep this cute GT in his/her garage only to look at it.



2019 Ford GT American Sport Car


The story of this Ford GT is impressive and thought-provoking. The first person this car was sold to was Jack Miller in August 2017 for the MSRP of $450,000.

There was an idea for Miller to sign a contract with Ford to not resell the car in a period of 24 months. He would be a “brand ambassador” – a class agent. That idea was to prevent the reselling of the car because it would mean that the Ford brand was weakened.



2019 Ford GT American Muscle Car



Clearly, and doubtlessly, it didn’t matter to Miller at all for the contract and he sold the GT to Michael J. Flynn of Hollywood Wheels exotic cats in Florida. What Flynn did was that placed the GT up for auction at Mecum in May 2018. He earned a lot by selling it for $1.65 million.

Who bought them? – It was Type A Motorsports in Arlington Texas, one more dealer of the most sophisticated and exclusive alluring and glamorous cars. The Ford GT car was then shortlisted for $2 million. The GT is number 48 of the 250 produced for the 2017 model year.



2019 Ford GT American Beast Car



However, nobody would now pay $2 million for it. It is now returned to sell-off to Mecum. Ford is not satisfied nor happy about the GT being resold for that high price. So they sued John Cena and the dealer who helped him selling the car.

In the end, they made a deal, they determined the amount of money which they didn’t disclose. Ford is further suing Mecum for reselling the GT in May.



2019 Ford GT American Speed Car

This lawsuit was rejected b the judge because Marcum hasn’t signed that contract with Ford. We haven’t heard of Miller being sued by Ford yet. However, Ford’s suit against Mecum in our opinion won’t end well in court for Ford.

This August is a chance for you when GT will be auctioned. Also, the Ford GT will be available again for you to buy it directly from Ford. Be careful! You reselling it would mean you are ready for a lawsuit!

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