Top 10 Majestic Classic Muscle Cars In America

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Being more powerful as some of the modern monsters doesn’t mean being as cool as the Classic Muscle Cars.


1963 is the year when the American muscle car category was created and produced. It was with the decision that chief John Z. DeLorean made to refresh, brighten, and give life to General Motors brand.

What DeLorean did was dropping Pontiac’s 389 cubic-inch big-block V8 engine into its intermediate body Tempest only to defy a GM corporate restriction. The new name of this car was the already introduced name by Ferrari the1964 GTO.



American car Pontiac GTO



The Detroit manufacturers answered with a quick production of their own muscle car. Where the increased engine displacement and power to numbers that previously had been hard to imagine.

These cars were more massive huger, more capacious, larger, more dominant, and impressive than the pony car category triggered by the presentation of the Ford Mustang Cars like the Mustang, Camaro, and Firebird.

This was so because these new cars had a longer wheelbase and tremendous sizable mass gave the rear wheels better traction on take-off. The things and situations that calmed down the contest finally were the rising prices of the gas and of the insurance costs as well and not to forget the government pollution restrictions.


We created the list of the 10 greatest classic muscle cars in America.




1. Pontiac GTO


Is being declared the best because it was the first original muscle car. The first 389 GTO of 1964 and the last real big block GTO of 1973. The Pontiac Ventura – based GTO in 1974 was a small block but not one of the real original cars.

The revolutionary, cutting-edge, avant-garde GTO encouraged admiration, amazement, gratitude, and recognition. Even the drivers of the rival brands showed the same appreciation and admiration for this original muscle car.



Classic Muscle Cars Pontiac GTO




2. Dodge Daytona/Plymouth Superbird


The 1965-70 Dodge Daytona and Plymouth Superbird, Daytona’s twin were certainly cars with the most fearless, courageous, daring performance. The Chrysler’s famed 426 Hemi or the 440 Wedge were employed by the Daytona and Plymouth Superbird. The monsters – the names Hemi and Wedge suggest the shape, the form, the outline of the disturbance chambers of the engine.

They wanted to produce a controlled, finite number of special cars to approve the cars’ aerodynamic bodies for Nascar racing. So they created the most remarkable, the most monumental, catchy, and mind-blowing silhouette to every turn out of the car factory.



American Beast car Dodge Daytona




3. Dodge Charger


This car has a special place in pop culture history. Its place was sealed when the car was chosen by the movie producers to make its appearances in the “Fast and Furious” movies and “The Dukes of Hazzard” TV shows. At what time it was already known to be outstanding, famed, splashy.

However, movies and TV helped this car to be recognized as distinguished. What this car is remarkable for also is the mighty powerful Chrysler V8 engines under the hood.







4. Chevrolet Chevelle SS


Apparently, Chevy’s lack of ideas for names was obvious when they suggested the Chevelle. Nonetheless, for names when they came up with the Chevelle. Nevertheless, Chevrolet’s 396 and 454 big block engines under the hood, made the 1968-’72 Chevelle SS serious, deep, severe challenger and competitor which drag and crept towards the racing scene.







5. Buick GSX


Each and every of the GM sectors and branches wanted to compete in the muscle car wars. That was also the case with the gorgeous, fancy luxurious Buick brand which got in and joined the battle with the creation of the GSX.

By using a 455 cubic-inch big block the company Regal produced the new version to answer, meet the need for best performance at muscle car wars from 1970-’72.





6. Oldsmobile 442


The popularity of modern alphanumeric car names was foreseen by this GM’s Oldsmobile when they produced the 1968 – ’71 model with high performances. The number 442 shows the car’s characteristics and highlighted the four-barrel carburetor, 4-speed transmission, and dual exhaust.

To the 400 or 455 Oldsmobile with big-block V8 under the hood, the 442 was and is a real rival when it comes to the racing line.



American Muscle car Oldsmobile 442

7. Plymouth Road Runner


The ultimate budget muscle car. Road Runner is created based on the popular cartoon where the Road Runner bird outruns the bullets and the TNT blasts of the ugly Coyote.

The standard steel wheels and “dog dish” partial hub cups are to blame for the missing convenience and comfort. But the scope of the block engines from the standard 383 to the 440 makes it able and capable of supporting the speed promise on the bumpers.




8. Ford Torino


Ford wasn’t aside from, they certainly took part in the muscle car wars. Ford’s Fairlane and Torino intermediates only started the confrontation and the fight and it was nothing more than that until 1970.

Eventually, when the 1970-’71 Torino Cobra with the 429 Cobra Jet and Superior Cobra Jet engines have introduced the confrontation became more serious. The greatness and honor lasted a short time only because Ford, in 1972, moved to the bigger, heavier Gran Torino.

Being a little bit slower did not make it less famous. It earned its fame on “Starsky and Hutch’ movie and became an icon





9. Chevrolet Nova SS


Although it was smaller The Nova could run with the bigger and stronger muscle cars as a result of its 396 big block engine.







10. AMC Rebel Machine


The lack of money and finance and not the lack of philosophy was the main reason American Motors took less part in the muscle car wars. AMC, in the end, suggested the Rebel Machine in 1970. They used their 390 big block engine and the paint scheme was patriotic: red, white, and blue.



American Muscle car AMC Rebel Machine

We love these Classic Muscle Cars.



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