Ford Edge SRT – The Best Powerful SUV Beast

Ford Edge SRT is one of the few SUVs that provide great comfort in two-rows, unlike most mid-size SUVs that are characterized by three-row layout comfort over maximum people-hauling. What is characteristic of this Ford model is that it has very fierce competition from the likes of the Volkswagen Atlas Read more…


Ford Escape 2021 SUV – Reviews, Pricing, and Specs

Ford Escape 2021 is a small SUV that is redesigned just last year who competes with its biggest competitors Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V. It is available with all-wheel drive but a major drawback is that it doesn’t sophisticated all-terrain gear. This Ford is offered in four different powertrains which Read more…


Dodge Ram TRX, Meet The New Powerful Beast

With the appearance of the new beast, the  Dodge Ram TRX with 702-horsepower contributes to a flare-up of the fight for the best high-performance pickup truck. This is a very powerful, impressive, and strong truck. In relation to the regular Ram 1500, this Dodge Ram TRX is 8 inches is Read more…

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