Why The Ford Falcon XB GT Is A Hidden Gem Of Muscle Cars

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Ford Falcon Mad Max

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Ford Australia created an incredible car called the Falcon XB GT. It was a powerful muscle car with a huge V8 engine. But even though it was amazing, not many people knew about it for a long time. It was like a secret car.


When most people think about Ford’s muscle cars, they often think of the Mustang. But did you know that Ford Australia made an amazing car called the Ford Falcon XB GT? This car became very popular in Australia, but not many people in North America knew about it. In the 1970s, if you lived in Australia, this car was the car to have.


The Falcon XB GT is one of Ford’s best cars, even though it’s underrated. It not only performed well, but it also looked great. It had a classic muscle car look, and some people think it was even better looking than the Mustang of that time!
Nowadays, people are starting to appreciate the Falcon XB GT more than they used to. It’s an incredible car that deserves recognition for its amazing design and performance.







The Untold Story Of The Falcon XB GT: Ford’s Obscure And Remarkable Creation


The Falcon XB GT was a cool car made by Ford in Australia in 1973. It was called “obscure” because not many people knew about it. It was a special, high-performance version of the Falcon. The car looked really cool with a sleek and slender body that was available as a coupe or sedan.


It had a powerful 351 ci Cleveland V8 engine that could produce 300 hp and 38 lbs-ft of torque. This was possible because the engine didn’t have to follow the same smog rules as the American cars. The Falcon had been in Australia since 1960, but by 1964, Ford was making their own bodies for it.

The Iconic Ford Falcon XB GT: A Popular Car That Defined The Early 1970s


The Falcon XB GT became really popular soon after it was improved and perfected. The car had a four-speed manual transmission as standard, but you could choose a three-speed FMX automatic one too. The XB GT was quite big, but it drove really well and was built to last a long time. Australians love driving long distances, and this car was perfect for it. The Falcon XB GT was like an American muscle car and could easily handle any bumps in the road.


The Falcon XB GT was a comfortable car to ride in, but it didn’t handle corners like a sports car. That’s because it was a muscle car, not a racing car. The car was designed to be driven on highways, and that’s where it really shone. It was fast and powerful, and you could easily beat other cars on the road. The XB GT was great at covering long distances, and it felt like a grand tourer even though it was a muscle car from Australia.



Ford Falcon Mad-Max



From Obscurity to Global Fame: The Falcon’s Rise to Prominence Thanks to the Mad Max Films


Although the Falcon XB GT was very famous in Australia during the 1970s, it wasn’t well-known in other countries. If you talked about it outside of Australia, people wouldn’t know what you were talking about. But that all changed in 1980 when the movie Mad Max came out.


It was set in Australia and showed the Falcon in action. The movie became very popular and was shown all over the world. This led to the Falcon becoming more recognizable, especially in America when the sequel, Mad Max 2 (Road Warrior), was released.


In the 1980s, George Miller’s Mad Max movies became popular worldwide. Even though various cars were featured in the films, people couldn’t recognize the Ford Falcons with the Australian style bodies that were present. This led to confusion about the type of car featured in the movies.


However, the confusion also helped the Falcon to gain recognition and popularity around the world. As a result, more people became aware of the Falcon XB GT, and it became a globally recognized muscle car, which it truly deserved to be.


Revving Up The Past: Why The Falcon XB GT Deserves A Place In Muscle Car History


The Ford Falcon XB GT is a special kind of car that many people really like. It has a big and powerful engine that is typical of muscle cars, and it also looks really cool. When you drive it, it feels just like a muscle car should. Even though not many people know about it, in Australia, it is very popular and highly valued. It is very rare and is considered a legendary car by many. So, it is worth recognizing the Falcon XB GT for all its unique features and qualities.



Ford Falcon





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