Robert Downey Jr Has Boss Mustang 302 With Wonderful 667HP

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Robert Downey-jr 1970 ford-mustang boss 302 Iron Man's

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Look at Iron Man’s ritual ride. For a while, we have been familiar with the fact that the actor Robert Downey Jr. has a strange, incredible, and imaginary taste and preference for cars.


There is a considerable electric collection of automobiles in his garage: from a fashionable, cultured Mercedes-Benz SL Pagoda to an enjoyable and cost-effective Volkswagen Golf GTI.

However, seeing his latest toy impressed us, it was a completely custom 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 he purchased from SpeedKore Performance Group at a Wisconsin-based shop.



Iron Man'S American Car


Crushing a first-generation Mustang Boss 302, now a strongly desired piece for the collectors, took serious control and nerve. The Boss 302 was a reaction, a reply of Ford to Chevrolet’s Camaro Z/28.

Then the Camaro ruled and controlled the Sports Car Club of America’s Trans-Am speeding and racing series. Ford created and produced a very small number over two model years ’69 and ’70 expanding and promoting its performance Mustang around an engine with a high output: courageous, strong 302 cubic-inch V8 with “bulky” heads, burning nearly 300 horsepower.



Robert Downey-Jr 1970 Ford-Mustang Boss 302 American Fastes Car


The title of 1970 of the Trans-Am was taken by Ford due to this new weapon in hand. The Boss 302 enlightenment bloomed. The fans of the establishment will consider this Downey’s decision as a modification of a Boss 302 and that it is profane and sinful, nevertheless his creative and inventive reconstruction would change their minds.


What Robert Downey Jr did first was demolishing the Mustang’s fabulous engine and putting a modern 5.0-liter V8 with a supercharger with twin screws. That was a packet that created 667 horsepower.



Robert Downey-Jr 1970 Ford-Mustang Boss 302 American Muscle Cars


“Our access, our way to this type of restmod project is “traditional title” – “heritage styling” – says Dave Salvaggio, cofounder and lead builder at SpeedKore. Dave and Robert Downey Jr worked together and thoughtfully in the realization of the actor’s vision.


“We add effectiveness, competence, energy, and authenticity and trustworthiness of modern elements and parts to create and design performance cars which will have retro look will have a great drive and will be very comfortable.”

Every corner and every opening of the Boss 302 were analyzed, examined by SpeedKore. The car is now finished and built upon an aftermarket aluminum frame from Detroit Speed, and the “pro-touring” QuadraLink suspension was provided.



Robert Downey-Jr 1970 Ford-Mustang Boss 302


“The attitude, the position, the posture is the most valuable and substantial element when looking at a performance car, and in my opinion we accomplished it” – says Salvaggio.


The ritual, the custom suspension is in the right position with this Mustang, but it is off HRE wheels which were the reason for RDJ’s Mustang popping. “Creating a completely unique heritage design of the wheel was the aim of Robert Downey Jr and the team when they worked with HRE” –says Salvaggio.

“It brings to mind the Panasport wheel from the ‘60s. The crucial point was to remodel and improve it but cling to a sentimental appearance” This Boss 302 is harmonious, combined superior style with new technology”.



Robert Downey-Jr 1970 Ford-Mustang Boss 302 American Sport Cars


The original body panels made of steel have been replacing with pieces of carbon fiber, the interior has been completely updated with a parallel–style standard benchmark collection and an ordinary three-spoke steering wheel complement.

The hood, the cover, bumpers, beauty top, chin spoiler, one-fourth extensions, and the frame, decoration are all ritually patterned, put together, and are made from the inconsequence combination.

The Tuscany yellow beautiful color was chosen by Robert Downey Jr and the SpeedKore team “the car was finished absolutely and definitely the way we planned. Robert Downey Jr is very happy with the outcome are proud of the car.” says Salvaggio. It has been a great pleasure to work with Robert Downey Jr. He is so creative, super-creative. Be patient to see his 1972 BMW we are working on its new design.”


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