Masterpiece-Robert Downey Jr Boss Mustang With Contemporary 667HP

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Look at Iron Man’s ritual ride. For a while, we have been familiar with the fact that the actor Robert Downey Jr. has a strange, incredible and imaginary taste and preference in cars. There is a considerable electric collection of automobiles in his garage: from a fashionable, cultured Mercedes-Benz SL Pagoda to an enjoyable and cost-effective Volkswagen Golf GTI.

However, seeing his latest toy impressed us, it was a completely custom 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 he purchased from SpeedKore Performance Group at Wisconsin-based shop.

Robert Downey-jr 1970 ford-mustang boss 302 Iron Man's

Crushing a first-generation Mustang Boss 302, now a strongly desired piece for the collectors, took serious control and nerve. The Boss 302 was a reaction, a reply of Ford to Chevrolet’s Camaro Z/28.

Then the Camaro ruled and controlled the Sports Car Club of America’s Trans-Am speeding and racing series. Ford created and produced a very small number over two model years ’69 and ’70 expanding and promoting its performance Mustang around an engine with a high output: courageous, strong 302 cubic-inch V8 with “bulky” heads, burning nearly 300 horsepower.

Robert Downey-jr 1970 ford-mustang boss 302 American Beast Car

The title of 1970 of the Trans-Am was taken by Ford due to this new weapon in hand. The Boss 302 enlightenment bloomed. The fans of the establishment will consider this Downey’s decision as a modification of a Boss 302 and that it is profane and sinful, nevertheless his creative and inventive reconstruction would change their minds.

Robert Downey-jr 1970 ford-mustang boss 302

What the actor did first was demolishing the Mustang’s fabulous engine and putting a modern 5.0-liter V8 with a supercharger with twin screws. That was a packet that created 667 horsepower.

“Our access, our way to this type of restmod project is “traditional title” – “heritage styling” – says Dave Salvaggio, cofounder and lead builder at SpeedKore. Dave and Robert Downey Jr worked together and thoughtfully in the realization of the actor’s vision.

Robert Downey-jr 1970 ford-mustang boss 302 American Muscle Cars

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