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The Snakepit Dragster one of the most excellent, immense, and the most powerful creations of George Barris, goes up for sale. Who’s George Barris? – He is a famous and acclaimed designer of the first Batmobile who has also designed a lot of marvelous cars in his lifetime. This made the world of cars very excited.






Barris was born in 1925, he entered the world of cars at a young age, he was modifying and customizing cars and that led him to start his company Barris Kustom Industry.

In the ’50s and 60’s he reshaped and modified a lot of cars of his time and became popular and famous because the customizations were completely renovated, remodeled cars which pleased the young clients. This brought him to Hollywood. There and at that time he re-worked many cars for the flashy town.



George Barris Batmobile 1966 American Classic Car


It was Barris that created one of the most popular and important TV cars of all time Batmobile. Today, the cars in superhero films are not as big news as in the times when the original Batman TV series appeared on the small screen it was such big news because it the full of life, the interesting comic character was brought to life.


The movie was a real success perhaps because of the Batmobile that Barris created as well. However, the Batmobile is not the only creation signed by Barris. He has created and designed a lot of marvelous cars.





Particularly, the SnakePit V8 Dragster which these days, again and again, makes the headlines, is a sight that is beyond belief and the designs were an early bird, advanced. They planned for this car to shock! In every possible way.

The real purpose of this car was power, animal-like, barbarian strength, and speed. They certainly delivered the car as they planned. Yahoo commented that Barris and his team created a beast, which really deserves his menacing name.

In the early 1970’s one should have paid a hundred Grand, which by the way was a lot, for the car and it took them four years to produce it.

They put everything that could be imagined to be put under the hood, six Ford 351 ci V8 powerplants, 48 exhaust pipes, and two automatic Ford C6 gearboxes which were quite enough.

The Batmobile resulted in twenty–three-foot length and reached a colossal 300 mph! Unfortunately, Barris died in 2015, but his legacy still goes on with the excellent vehicle designs which are very popular today.






The Snake Pit originally sold for the cost from 1975. Until 2015 it was in a private collection when again it was sold for $30 800. Not much at all! However now after it is sequenced in storage for twelve years the car is now going for $750 000! What a profit, isn’t it!

The original Batmobile was sold at auction for 4.6 million dollars which is an acknowledgment and affirmation of Barrel’s ability to design a car not only of mechanical excellence but of aesthetical excellence as well. In the end, these cars are perfection made by a mechanical genius.


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