2023 Ford Bronco: America’s Most Legendary SUV

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Are You Ready For A Wild Ride With A 2023 Ford Bronco?


When you think of a strong and powerful SUV, the first thing that comes to mind is the Ford Bronco, which is the most exciting and adrenaline-fueled car since the Jeep Wrangler. The Bronco comes in both four- and two-door body styles and is built to do everything the Wrangler can (but he can do a lot more).The possibility remains to remove the doors and thus enjoy the adventures while driving Off-Road.

When it comes to horsepower, there’s a choice of a base engine with a 300-hp turbocharged 2.3-liter inline-four and a 330-hp twin-turbo 2.7-liter V-6. But if all this does not satisfy your needs and you are one of those people who want even more power, then the Bronco Raptor is available to you with an incredible 418 horsepower.


With the large selection of models and optional equipment available to you, Bronzo allows you to choose the configuration that suits you best and meets all your needs.







What To Expect For 2023 Ford Bronco


What’s interesting and exciting is that Ford is bringing back the classic 1960s look with a special edition Bronco Heritage Edition for the four- and two-door models. And all that allows us to remember the good old days.

The Bronco Heritage Edition based on the Big Bend trim with the Sasquatch package comes with an amazing 300-hp turbo 2.3-liter engine with standard 7-speed manual transmission or there is an option to choose a 10-speed automatic transmission. This style includes a white roof, a set of 1960s-inspired wheels, and a white grille.

If you decide on the much more expensive Heritage Limited Edition which is based on the Badlands trim level, you can expect Heritage Limited badging on the center console, metal Bronco-script fender badging, and leather-trimmed plaid seats.


The New Ford Bronco Price


You must be wondering what the price of this beautiful SUV is. In the following, we will present all the models with their prices.

1. Base model with a starting price of $33,000

2. Big Bend model with a starting price of $39,000

3. Black Diamond model with a starting price of $41,000

4. Outer Banks model with a starting price of $44,000

5. Badlands model model with a starting price of $46,000

6. Heritage Edition model with a starting price of $46,900

7. Wildtrak model with a starting price of $52,000

8. Everglades model with a starting price of $56,000

9. Heritage Limited Edition model with a starting price of $68,480


As you can see if you opt for the base Bronco model that comes standard with two doors you have to pay a price of $33,000, but keep in mind if you opt for any upgrades to upper trims the price of this truck immediately goes up.


Our team’s pick is the Bronco Wildtrack model, which has four doors and a very powerful engine, and comes with standard 17-inch wheels as well as Beadlock-capable wheels and huge 35-inch mud-terrain tires. Well, what we can recommend is that if you want to get a little more space in the back seats, you will have to choose a two-door Bronco, and that is the only way to get something extra for your money in this model.






2023 Ford Bronco Engine Transmission and Performance: Everything You Need to Know to Get the Most Out of Your Bronco


A little disappointment for all fans, it may be that this Bronco does not come with eight cylinders but comes with a standard 300-hp turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder and of course, a 330-hp twin-turbo 2.7-liter V-6 is also an option. Unlike a manual transmission that can only be fitted to the smaller engine, the 10-speed automatic transmission can be fitted to both engines. Four and two-door Ford Broncos are rated to be able to tow 3500 pounds.


Whatever you decide on, you must know that every Ford Bronco sends power to all four wheels, and its front suspension is much more powerful and sophisticated than the Jeep’s front axle. Other options that are available and of course should be taken into account are the following: a sway-bar-disconnect feature, 35-inch mud-terrain tires, electronic locking front, rear differentials and beadlock-capable wheels.

What we want to share with you, our dear fans and readers is that after our test drive, the Bronco literally fascinates us with its power and refinement, and we are literally speechless. It was equipped with the softest suspension, there’s significant brake dive, the largest tires, and its body-on-frame construction it was up to the task. In one word 2023 Ford Bronco is able to fulfill all your wishes.






What You Need to Know About Fuel Economy and MPG For 2023 Ford Bronco


If you are wondering which variant of the Bronco is the most economical when it comes to consumption, the answer to this question is the four-cylinder Bronco with the automatic transmission. Its consumption is 22 on the highway and 20 mpg in the city.

If you decide on the V-6 version with the Sasquatch package, which includes oversized, aggressive tires, you should know that in this case, the economy of consumption drops to 17 mpg both on the highway and in the city.

To check all this, we decided to do a test drive with both engines equipped with automatic transmissions. So when driving at 70 miles per hour, the four-cylinder engine showed consumption of 21 mpg and the V-6 17 mpg.



Ford Bronco Interior, Comfort, and Cargo Space – Will You Be Able to Drive Around With All Your Gear?



Bronco is available with removable body panels, four or two doors, and soft tops or hardtops and all of this allows real enjoyment while driving Off-Road. What we could notice while driving this powerful SUV is that there are many great innovations in its interior. In the upper part of the control panel, there is a rack built whose main purpose is to install smartphones or GoPros. It also has a frameless door that can be removed very easily.

Interestingly, the side mirrors are mounted on the base of the windshield so they are both usable and can be used in case you remove the doors.All those who want more interior elegance can decide and choose a leather seating surface.

In models with two doors, the rear seats can accommodate up to two adults. Only the four-door models have a third seat in the back and offer slightly more space for rear-seat passengers.When it comes to cargo space, it can be said that deco models with four doors had up to 50 percent more space than models with two doors.



2023 Ford Bronco Raptor



The Bronco’s Incredible Infotainment and Connectivity That’ll Leave You Speechless


In the middle of the dashboard on every Bronco model is an 8.0- or 12.0-inch touchscreen that is equipped with Ford’s latest in-dash Sync 4 software. The information system also supports many modern functions such as Android Auto, subscription-based Wi-Fi hotspots, and Apple CarPlay. The device itself can be upgraded with many other desirable options such as a more powerful B&O stereo and built-in navigation.

The Incredible Safety and Driver-Assistance Features


The 2023 Ford Bronco is available with a driver assistance package that includes parking sensors and automatic high beams. It is also equipped with very sophisticated equipment that makes it easier to move on rocks when driving at very low speeds. If you would like more detailed information about the crash test results please visit the web pages of NHTSA and IIHS.

The main safety features are:

1. Available automated emergency braking and forward-collision warning

2. Available rear cross-traffic alert and blind-spot monitoring

3. Available lane-keeping assist and lane-departure







Maintenance Coverage Аnd Warranty For Bronco


Ford provides a limited warranty as well as a powertrain warranty, which keeps it in step with its competition.


1. Limited warranty covers 36,000 miles or three years

2. Powertrain warranty covers 60,000 miles or five years

3. No complimentary scheduled maintenance





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