How To Change A Tire On Car In Very Easy Steps?

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In this post, we will give you very useful tips for that how to change a tire on car. Enjoy reading.




Changing a car tire should be a basic skill of every driver. If you are one of those drivers who rely entirely on the mobile phone in order to save you in many emergencies, you should know that there is always the possibility of being out of network coverage, forgetting it at home, or forgetting to charge the battery.




So a cell phone can not be a substitute for your knowledge of how to change a tire on car because damage or bursting of the car tire can happen anytime and anywhere.










We have to admit that changing a car tire is not a very difficult job. Therefore, in the continuation of the text, we will give you instructions and very useful tips, and your job is just to read and follow all this information.




Things you must have in your car




These things related to changing the tire, they always go together when you buy a car and that is:


– Vehicle owner’s manual

– Fully inflated spare tire

– Lug wrench

– Jack





2 Items-Needed-to-Change-Car-Tire




If for any reason any of these things are not in your car our recommendation is to buy them immediately. You must also regularly check the pressure in your spare tire so that it is fully prepared to be mounted on your vehicle whenever it is needed. You should check the tire pressure every month, also before long trips or carrying extra load.




Things that do not come with your vehicle but that you still have to own are:

– Flashlight with working batteries

– Gloves – in case you have to change a tire

– Small cut of 2″x6” wood to secure the jack

– Wheel wedges

– Rain poncho





3 the-changing-tire-items-not-included





How to change a tire on car?





Step 1. The First Thing You Need To Do Is Find A Safe Place




The moment you realize that your tire is flat, all you have to do is not have abrupt turning or braking. The next thing you need to do is slowly reduce the speed of your vehicle and find a safe place to get off the road. If there is a parking lot near you, this would be an ideal place to change the tire of your car.




Our recommendation is to never change your tire on curves or on a busy road, but continue driving slowly until you find a safe place. Driving in these conditions can only damage your rim, but replacing the rim is a much cheaper option than a hit by an inattentive driver.




Step 2. Turn On Your Blinkers




Instantly turn on your blinkers to let other drivers know that you have a problem with the vehicle and you need to pull over.




Step 3. Usе Your Parking Brake




Always use the parking brake when stopping your vehicle to replace the tire. This will help reduce the possibility of your vehicle rolling.




Step 4. Use Your Wheel Wedges




Wheel wedges go behind or in front of the tires and all in order to provide additional insurance your car doesn’t move while replacing a damaged tire. If you change the front tire then you have to put these wedges on the rear tires, and if you change the rear tire then you have to put the wedges on the front tires. We must tell you that large stones or bricks can do the same job just like these wedges. Just make sure they are large enough to prevent the car from moving.




Step 5. Remove The Wheel Cover




If your car has a wheel cover that covers the lug nuts, you need to remove the wheel cover first and then lift the car with the jack. But if your lug nuts are open you are free to skip this step and move on to the next one.




Remove the wheel cover with the flat end of your lug wrench or other tools that you must have in your vehicle. In order to properly remove the wheel cover so as not to damage, our recommendation is to first read the instructions for use that must come with each vehicle.




Step 6. Loosen The Lug Nuts




With the help of a lug wrench, loosen the lug nuts first by turning it counterclockwise until you reduce their resistance. Keep in mind that you have to use a lot more force here, so you have to use your foot or your whole body weight if necessary.




Loosen the lug nuts halfway but do not remove them completely immediately. Their complete extraction is done at the moment when you have to remove the wheel/tire from the car.




Step 7. The Next Thing You Need To Do Is Place The Jack Under The Car




Тhe usual place where the jack is placed is under the vehicle frame near the tire to be replaced. In order to lift it safely without damaging the car, our recommendation is to follow the instructions for proper installation of the jack described in your vehicle owner’s manual.





4 .change a tire on car




Step 8. Lift The Car With The Jack




Before lifting the car, be sure to place a small piece of wood (2×6 ”) under the jack in order to prevent the jack from settling under the weight of your vehicle and coming off balance. This is a very useful tip when it comes to asphalt.




After completing all this procedure, start lifting your vehicle until the damaged tire is about six inches above the ground. Our advice is to never lie down or put other body parts under the car as long as it is raised on the jack.


Step 9. Remove The Lug Nuts All The Way




When you get to this part of the procedure now is the right time to remove the lug nuts all the way. Because you have already loosened the lug nuts before, now you need to unscrew them mostly by hand.




Step 10. After That Remove The Tire




Grasp the tire from the back and pull it firmly towards you until it is completely released from the seat and then pull it aside so that it does not bother you.




Step 11. Install The Spare Tire




Now insert the spare tire into the rim bearing and push gently until the lug bolts show through the rim.




Step 12. With The Help Of Your Hand Turn The Lug Nuts




Now it’s time to put the lug nuts back and fasten them to the end with your hand.




Step 13. Start Lowering The Car Slowly And Tighten The Lug Nuts Again




With the help of the jack, start lowering the car slowly to the ground, but be careful that the entire weight of the car does not fall completely on the tires because the spare tire is not fully tightened.




At this point, you need to fully tighten the lug nuts with the wrench clockwise as much as you can and as much force as you can.





5 tire-change




Step 14. Lower The Car Completely




Now lower the car completely so that all its weight is on all four wheels and remove the jack.Use the wrench to check all the lug nuts once again to make them as tight as possible.




Step 15. Replace The Wheel Cover




If the wheel cover you took out of the cracked tire also fits the spare tire then adjust it in the same way you took it out at the beginning. But if the wheel cover does not fit the spare tire then return it to the damaged tire and put it in the trunk of the car.




Step 16. Pick Up All The Equipment




When you have completed this whole procedure, do not forget to collect all the equipment and put it in your car before driving away.




Step 17. Don’t Forget To Check The Pressure In The Spare Tire




A very important thing to do is to check the pressure in the spare tire to make sure it is safe to drive. If your spare tire needs pressure then our advice is to drive slowly until the first service station.









Step 18. Finally Take Your Flat Tire On A Technician




Keep in mind that your spare tire is not designed to drive at high speeds or long distances, so it is very important to drive carefully so that you can visit a tire technician at the first opportunity.




Real professionals will be able to give you real information if they can repair a flat tire or if it is time to replace it with a new one.




How Long Does It Take To Repair A Tire?



The whole tire replacement procedure (described step by step above) should not take longer than 15 to 30 minutes. Just be careful not to miss a single step.




When we are already here our advice is to practice the whole procedure for changing the tire in your garage in order to be ready to deal with this situation if it ever happens to you.




A Few More Tips Related To Tires



Knowledge of all this tire change procedure is very important but keep in mind that regular tire reflection is even more important.




So you have to do the following things over and over again: 1. Rotate your tires according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, 2. Monitor for tread wear, and 3. Keep your tires properly inflated. Аll this will increase the life of the tires, and thus your tires will last much longer.


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