Dodge’s Fatal Viper Is Back Alive Again

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Dodge Viper GTC

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Despite the fact that the production of the Dodge two-seater has recently been terminated and its factory is closed, the epochal and recognizable Viper is coming back.


Dodge Viper is the car that represented and integrated the company’s energy and spirit as it handled the financial difficulties.



2017 Dodge Viper GTC American Muscle Car


1989’s Detroit Auto Show was the original Viper concept car debut. 2019 is the 30th anniversary of the first show-up. According to industry reports Dodge will use the opportunity and occasion to reveal the ideal version of a new Dodge two-seat super sports car. The car would be available in showrooms in 2020.



2017 Dodge Viper GTC American Car ‘s reports claim that the new two-seater Dodge now is a clean-sheet design that avoids the old use of a body-on-frame layout and even the V10 engine which is the car’s signature. The next generation of this car will rather share current, regular, and traditional unibody underpinnings with Maserati Alfieri and Alfa Romeo 6C/8C.






This will make more space in the engine bay for the cylinder heads of the Hemi V8 engine of the company, which previously could not fit in. Now it makes more power than the Viper’s 8.4 – liter V10. Because the Viper’s Connor Avenue Assembly was closed Dodge chose Prefix Corp as a builder, the same one which built the Viper Targa.


Now the chassis design being modern, the engines more powerful the new updated edition of the car will be attractive for everyone. Detroit Auto Show! –we are waiting eagerly and anxiously for you!

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