You Probably Haven’t Even Heard Of These 5 Exceptional Classic Muscle Cars!

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If you wonder what cars are the most interesting car classes in automotive history, the answer is simple – the muscle cars. Although they first appeared in the early 1960s they still charm and fascinate the fantasy of car lovers and addicts.

What makes them so popular and lovable are the incredible and fantastic design, strong and powerful engines and excellent soundtracks. Muscle cars are not just a car class they are a cultural miracle and sensation which influence the way of life of generations of American young people side by side with its own music and movies.

The beginning of the glory of these muscle cars was in 1964 when the Pontiac GTO appeared. However, it ended in the early 1970s due to the standards for safety and nature protection. At that time nearly all car brands in America had its own challenger in the section.

Companies for example, Chevrolet, Plymouth or Dodge had even more car models at the same time. There were models which were undoubtedly extraordinary and limited and they are normally more interesting to the collectors.

Even some manufacturers which were more traditional, Buick, Mercury or Oldsmobile had some extraordinary and unforgettable muscle cars.

Being produced in small number, for the car lovers, these muscle cars are well known but for most of us they are at the same time are more of a myth than an actual model. The following list gives you rare muscle cars which still can be found. They are from the period from 1964 – 1972.

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