Top 10 Majestic Classic Muscle Cars In America

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2. Dodge Daytona/Plymouth Superbird – The 1965-70 Dodge Daytona and Plymouth Superbird, Daytona’s twin were certainly cars with the most fearless, courageous, daring performance. The Chrysler’s famed 426 Hemi or the 440 Wedge were employed by the Daytona and Plymouth Superbird, the monsters – the names Hemi and Wedge suggest the shape, the form, the outline of the disturbance chambers of the engine. They wanted to produce a controlled, finite number of special cars to approve the cars’ aerodynamic bodies for Nascar racing. So they created the most remarkable, distinguished, the most monumental, catchy and mind-blowing silhouette to every turn out of the car factory.
American car Dodge DaytonaAmerican Beast car Dodge Daytona
American Muscle car Dodge Daytona

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