Top 10 Majestic Classic Muscle Cars In America

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Being more powerful as some of the modern monsters doesn’t mean being as cool as the Classic Muscle Cars.

1963 is the year when the American muscle car category was created and produced. It was with the decision that chief John Z. DeLorean made to refresh, brighten and give life to General Motors brand.


What DeLorean did was dropping Pontiac’s 389 cubic-inch big-block V8 engine into its intermediate body Tempest only to defy a GM corporate restriction. The new name of this car was the already introduced name by Ferrari the1964 GTO.

The Detroit manufacturers answered with a quick production of their own muscle car. Where the increased engine displacement and power to numbers that previously had been hard to imagine.

These cars were more massive huger, more capacious, larger, more dominant and impressive than the pony car category triggered by the presentation of the Ford Mustang Cars like the Mustang, Camaro, and Firebird.

This was so because these new cars had a longer wheelbase and tremendous sizable mass gave the rear wheels better traction on take-off. The things and situations that calmed down the contest finally were the rising prices of the gas and of the insurance costs as well and not to forget the government pollution restrictions.

We created the list of the 10 greatest classic muscle cars in America.

1. Pontiac GTO

Is being declared the best because it was the first original muscle car. The first 389 GTO of 1964 and the last real big block GTO of 1973. The Pontiac Ventura – based GTO in 1974 was a small block but not one of the real original cars.

The revolutionary, cutting-edge, avant-garde GTO encouraged admiration, amazement, gratitude, and recognition. Even the drivers of the rival brands showed the same appreciation and admiration for this original muscle car.

American car Pontiac GTO

American Muscle car Pontiac GTO
erican Beast car Pontiac GTO

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