The Masterpiece-Robert Downey Jr’s Boss Mustang With A Contemporary 667-HP V8

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“We add effectiveness, competence, energy and authenticity and trustworthiness of modern elements and parts to create and design performance cars which will have retro look, will have a great drive and will be very comfortable.”

Every corner and every opening of the Boss 302 were analyzed, examined by SpeedKore. The car is now finished and built upon an aftermarket aluminum frame from Detroit Speed, and the “pro touring” QuadraLink suspension was provided.

“The attitude, the position, the posture is the most valuable and substantial element when looking at a performance car, and in my opinion we accomplished it” – says Salvaggio.

Robert Downey-jr 1970 ford-mustang boss 302 American Muscle Cars

The ritual, custom suspension is at the right position with this Mustang, but it is off HRE wheels which were the reason for RDJ’s Mustang popping. “Creating a completely unique heritage design of the wheel was the aim of Robert and the team when they worked with HRE” –says Salvaggio.

“It brings to mind the Panasport wheel from the ‘60s. The crucial point was to remodel and improve it but cling to a sentimental appearance” This Boss 302 is harmonious, combined superior stylewith new technology”.

Iron Man's American Car

The original body panels made of steel have been replace with pieces of carbon-fiber, the interior has been completely updated with a parallel – style standard benchmark collection and an ordinary three – spoke steering wheel complement.

The hood, the cover, bumpers ,beauty top, chin spoiler, one-fourth extensions and the frame, decoration are all ritually patterned, put together and are made from the inconsequented combination.

The Tuscany yellow beautiful color was chosen by Downey and the SpeedKore team “the car was finished absolutely and definitely the way we planned. Robert is very happy with the outcome.

We are proud of the car.” says Salvaggio. It has been a great pleasure to work with Robert. He is so creative, supercreative. Be patient to see his 1972 BMW we are working on its new design.”

The Tuscany yellow beautiful color was chosen by Downey and the SpeedKore team.


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