Do You Know These Things About The Dodge Demon?

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The Beast Power

The Dodge Demon is a massive beast. Each engine stroke puts an 11-tonne might behind the rod and the piston, more than the weight of 5 Demons put together.


If this force is not enough, at 6,300 RPM, this 11 tonnes of force strikes more than 50 times per second, so that this beast can move.

Dodge Demon Has A Lot Of First Things

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is the first car manufactured to move on high octane fuel and he has highest horsepower production in the world.
Because from 0-60mph it accelerates in 2.3 seconds, it has one of the highest acceleration g-forces from any manufactured car in the world, that of 1.8g.

dodge demon hellcat

Although many cars have the option to delete rear seat, the Demon gives you the ability to delete it and front passenger seat. It allows you to enjoy the awesome interiors yourself, but also to reduce the weight of the vehicle and to go even faster.

The Amazing Torque Reserve

The Demon is the world’s first manufactured car who has torque reserve which basically holds on to 8 psi of power so jetted out from the 2.7-liter supercharger. With that preventing the air from recirculating and holds it in reserve for a powerful startup from the start line.

dodge demon horsepower

But keep in mind that the supercharger spins at the engine rpm because there is no clutch disconnect. Then the fuel flow, as well as the ignition time, are also held back so that the engine can start between 1000-2400 RPM.

That Awesome Trans Brake

For all those who are not in the world of drag racing, a trans brake is a mechanism that does not allow the driver to be in first gear and reverse gear, simultaneously. This is the reason why all these Fast and Furious cars look very furious at the starting line.

2019 dodge challenger srt hellcat

All this creates a huge hydraulic pressure in the transmission and coupled with the torque launches the car from the start line with incredibly high speed. The Demon has the Transbrake and more importantly, it is the first car in the world to have one. How awesome is that!

Dodge Demon For Guinness!

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is much more than just a performance car. One of the things it does is, to raise the front wheels before launch when used together in tandem with Transbrake and the Torque Reserve.


The Dodge Demon made a Guinness World Record doing the longest wheelie at 2.92 feet, from a standing start. That’s why this car doesn’t just drive fast, it also drives cool.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is the wonderful muscle car. Surely they will like it to all true car lovers around the world. Оf course, if Demon was still alive…

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