Tesla Model 3- Powerful Elegance And Superiority

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Tesla Model 3 is a wonderful electric sedan that is available in different models which differ by performance and range. Тhe base model is Standard Range Plus and its cost is $39,990, while the Dual Motor Long Range Performance is the second model whose price is $56,990.

Tesla Model 3 as an electric car, is a very smart vehicle that awakens big emotions. There are no obstacles to using this vehicle daily, but you must get used to using only a touchscreen for everything because physical buttons are fully ejected from the cab. The Apple-like interface controls everything from drive mode settings, mirror adjustments to climate control.



2020 tesla model 3


Model 3 is very quiet and fuss-free which is usual for any electric car. Тhe only sound you can hear is coming from the tires. Even at the weakest setup from 0-60 mph, it achieves for 5.2-second and in its strongest combination, Model 3 will sprint to 60 mph for amazing 3.2 seconds.


 Tesla Model 3 Performance


Tesla Model 3 is a very simple vehicle and therefore driving this car is a real pleasure and enjoyment. The end result is an electric car that hustles like our favorite gas-powered sport sedans.

The best performance can be found at the Dual Motor Performance model, where from 0-60 mph is achieved for the amazing as 3.2 seconds up to a top speed of 145. For comparison, that 0-60 mph time is in line with the likes of the Aston Martin Vantage, Ferrari Portofino, and McLaren 570S. But this model is quicker than some of those models.



model 3


One of the reasons for this car’s success is that electric motors can make nearly all their torque instantaneously.

The Dual Motor Performance version fully utilizes the electric motor for a larger battery, each axle, and an all-wheel drive. Full output is 450 horsepower and 471 lb-ft of torque.

The second model is the Dual Motor Long Range, which also has an all-wheel drive and makes a still-potent 346 hp and 389 lb-ft.

The rear-drive Standard Range Plus model has only one electric motor to drive the rear axle and makes 283 hp and 307 lb-ft of torque. This model is still great and has a maximum speed of 140 mph and a 5.3-second 0-60 mph time.





Also, the chassis is well fitted and can keep up with the powertrain’s verve. The lightweight of this vehicle together with the acceleration that leaves you breathless allows the steering wheel to be very precise well-weighted and doesn’t suffer from any artificial heaviness or numbness. Also, the suspension is very solid and well-damped.

Тhe only thing you should get used to with this car is the regenerative braking system. The choice can be made between two levels of regen, and unlike many other electric cars, Tesla doesn’t “blend” regeneration in with the friction brakes.


 Tesla Model 3 Styling


The Tesla Model 3 is very striking. The general bubble shape contributes to avoiding the existence of any hard angles, and the door handles sit flush in the body.

The hood line is lower than usual is the result of the lack of a gas engine through is countered by the tall-looking rear end.






The interior of this model is amazing. Depending on your tastes Tesla Model 3 is either entirely too plain and clean, or conservative. But even minimalists in this model of the car is fully agreed that there is no room for remarks.

The main reason for this lies in Tesla’s decision to incorporate all controls into the central 15-inch touchscreen. Without the existence of physical buttons or knobs in the center stack, it all contributes to the complete elegance of this Tesla model.



Tesla Model 3 Safety


A high level of standard safety equipment enables a five-star crash-test from Top Safety Pick+ status from the IIHS and NHTSA the Model 3 get a very high safety rating.

This Tesla Model 3 has a lot of highly sophisticated security functions that are included as standard equipment, including lane-departure warnings and automatic emergency braking.

Every model on this car comes with Autopilot, which is a highly sophisticated driver assistance function which together with the cruise control that uses sensors, cameras, and radar so that the car can automatically brake and accelerate for short periods.
Autopilot software also includes automatic headlight control and blind-spot monitoring.



Tesla_model-3 price


If you pay an extra $7,000, you can get the extra option “Full Self-Driving”. This is also a highly sophisticated driver assistance feature, that adds on- and off-ramps to the driver-assistance suite, automatic parking for both parallel and perpendicular spaces, a summon feature that can maneuver the car around a parking lot—albeit slowly as well as passing and changing lanes.

For these features, Tesla’s cars all include the hardware, and downloading of the software is made possible via the Internet.


 Tesla Model 3 Comfort & Quality


Tesla Model 3 offers a large interior space and it’s all thanks to a cab that’s pushed toward the front wheels and the roofline which is located above the cab, thereby its highest point is right in line with the pillars that split the rear and front doors.

The design also allows for a large luggage compartment and that 15 cubic feet before you fold down the seats. The only thing that counts on space is the narrow trunk opening.





Аnother thing that contributes to the feeling of a big cabin is the existence of a panoramic glass roof there to let in ample natural light. Тhe seats on this vehicle are very comfortable and offer up to 12-way power adjustment.

The rear seat offers great comfort. Without issues, 6-footer could sit in the back. Sitting three big people in the backbench could be a problem thanks to a roofline that tapers upward and rearward.

This Tesla Model 3 has one of the best climate-control systems that can be found in an electric car. The cab itself offers great comfort and there are many things you will love about it.

But when you compare it with luxury cars whose price is approximately the same as Tesla’s both electric and gas offerings, still keep in mind that when you are in this vehicle you feel that you are in a less expensive car.


 Tesla Model 3 Features


Tesla Model 3 is a highly sophisticated car with advanced features that are fully integrated into the sedan’s functions. The main element of the interior is the 15-inch touchscreen. It contains all functions, warning lights, and even the speedometer are displayed on this screen, rather than on a dedicated instrument cluster.


Overall this system works like a tablet. The navigation loads very quickly and there is no downtime when you click on other applications or when scrolling through the menus. It also receives voice commands just like a smartphone.

This 15-inch touchscreen is also equipped with its own 4G cellular connection for updates. Updates are not only to upgrade the maps they can also upgrade core vehicle safety systems and performance.

If you have the autopilot function after purchasing the vehicle your car will receive an update just as your mobile phone receives messages for the update from the mobile operator.





The disadvantage of this vehicle you have to get used to is that there’s no keyfob for getting into the vehicle and there’s no power switch or ignition.

The owner of the vehicle together with their smartphone can be the key to the vehicle because as you approach the vehicle the driver’s door is unlocked and when you get into the vehicle the driver’s door locks.

As you exit the vehicle and slowly move away from it the car itself signals that it shuts off and that it locks automatically. Unique due to security reasons you do need an RFID keycard to initially turn your phone into your car key.


 Tesla Model 3 Fuel Economy


This Tesla model is a fully electric car and with a single charge, it can pass more than 200 miles. In single-motor form, you’re limited to the Standard Range Plus for and its maximum range is 250-mile.

Тhe two-engine variant allows increasing the total range of 322 miles. Both dual-motor models are rated versus an excellent 141 MPGe for the Standard Range Plus and 116 MPGe combined.

According to the data obtained from the manufacturer, you can charge the battery at a rate of 150 miles of regained range in 30 minutes or 170 miles for the Long Range model or via a home-charging rate of about 37 miles per hour.

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