In New GMC Sierra AT4 Can See Carbon-Fiber Bed

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2019 GMC Sierra AT4 American Truck

The new GMC Sierra AT4 comes with a lot of amazing additions and gets a big performance package.


GMC was to do something new with the Sierra legacy. What we expected was to be very big because of the highly capable pickup they have made and produced. We can see the news coming from GMC and that is much more.

The 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 Trailboss was the basic idea of the improved, promoted shapely, compact decoration package features, quality, lineaments.



2019 GMC Sierra AT4 American Truck


These two pickup trucks have got very similar, almost identical characteristics which are a trail-tuned, two-inch suspension lift, and 33’’ Goodyear Wrangler Duratracks at each corner this is what “Driving” has noticed.

Because these two pickup trucks are very much alike new GMC Sierra AT4 offers a design that is entirely and absolutely progressive pickup truck.



2019 New GMC Sierra AT4 American 4x4 Truck


When it comes to the new GMC Sierra AT4 we knew that it was better to start working out from the back – in bed so we did it. Five and eight-foot beds are ready for use, are accessible, each with a 62.9 and 89.1 cubic-foot volume and scope, accordingly.

Here on the good things are the joined integrated 110V receptacle and a dual-articulated folding step that expands redistribute from the tailgate, following improvements and decorations of the back half of the pickup.



2019 GMC Sierra AT4 American Sport Truck


However, these are cheap thrills with just a short order. The rare characteristic of the new GMC Sierra AT4 is tail area is the bed itself actually – a carbon-fiber complex bed!

It won’t be ready to use and it will be accessible later this year –but the willingness of GM to throw a bone to the buyers so early shows their eagerness for their new trend in the truck building. What we have seen is that Dodge implemented their built-in, integrated toolbox design.



2019 GMC Sierra AT4 American Speed Truck


GMC takes the concept deeper with the carbon – fiber complex bed panels which will certainly increase endurance, the persistence with the reduction of the weight. What is not clear is whether they will use the dual-material construction to take advantage of the space between the bed lined and the outer skin.

A hint of performance has slightly been added to the complete exterior, the red tow hooks, and the grille inserts. A display that is multi-colored and which is head-up.

The list of features of the display and rear-camera mirror fits an excellent, prime truck buyer, and this will make you forget you are in a truck if you are not hauling anything.



2019 GMC Sierra AT4 American Muscle Truck


Time will tell that the potential has been used to its maximum advantages. The greatest pride for the company is the active, aggressive flexibility, and adaptability they are building pickups with.


The 2019 Trailboss is ranked, graded at 15/20 mpg without the profit and advantage of a composite bed construction. Will there be economic ratings for pickup trucks. Time will tell.

In one word the new GMC Sierra AT4 is absolutely unbelievable in every way.


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