The number of the passé-cool  Lincoln Continental 2019 Complete “Coach Edition” that is going to be made is 80 and that is the same number as the number of the candles on the birthday cake for Lincoln Continental.

That’s why they are producing limited runs with suicide doors. A car with suicide doors hasn’t been seen for a long time.



2019 Lincoln Continental American Rides Car


Ford calls these doors “coach doors” or “center-opening doors”. The name “center-opening doors” was invented and created because they offer minor safety than common and ordinary traditional doors.

This is the case: when and if the locking device breaks down while driving on the motorway, the air or the wind would throw the door open and the passenger would have the chance to fall out much more easily.



2019 Lincoln Continental American Luxurious Car



They also have a tendency to make it harder for getting out of the inflexible, troublesome spaces as the parking lots are. This is the reason that these suicide doors can only be seen on luxury vehicles where the passengers are eager to be dropped off exactly at their place.

The respected Lincoln Continental Sedan was the first to be introduced to Lincoln’s concept of suicide doors in 1961 when they were being bought.



2019 Lincoln Continental American Muscle Car


Ford considers that this limited production run will make better and boost the besieged Continental’s picture, public perception, and reputation. It is named Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition and the level, the rank, and the position it bases on is the Black Label which is orderly and compact.

The 6 extra inches on the wheelbase with the purpose to fit the coach doors are the greatest change, and also this change added, they gave some extra benefits – 6 extra inches of legroom



2019 Lincoln Continental American Beast Car


Every Black Label Lincoln Continental 2019 gives you all the comforts and conveniences that can be produced by Lincoln. A back-seat pass-through control panel with joined tray folding table together with table support and wireless charging tablet.

The improvements for the driver are the heads-up display that works despite the driver wearing sunglasses, the doors are very distinguished and special and electronic that open and close very well evenly and smoothly and silently as well.

The engine is the best one Lincoln Continental 2019 has ever had: a 3.0-L twin-turbo V6 with 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. Producing only 80 units for this year Ford begins the delivery in the summer.

Nevertheless, Ford announces a limited number of extra new units for 2020. Still, they have to sell these 80 ones first. Ford didn’t announce the price but Detroit Free Press claims you can buy it for $100.000.


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