Hundreds of 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 are being canceled by GM as a result of the problems with the airbag.

This problem is relatively easy to fix. The “Consumers Affairs” considers that the airbag is perhaps the most important part of the vehicle which concerns the passenger’s safety.


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Faulty, incorrect airbag issue is a wider problem. When a car has problems with the engine or wheels, the car won’t move and the problems are obvious and easy to be noticed which is not the case with the airbag.

Those problems occur when it is too late when the car crashes. So, if the airbag issue is present, you should immediately fix it. The airbag is a life-saving component of a vehicle. If there hadn’t been for GM taking their latest supercar to the track the airbag issue wouldn’t have been found.

Last April the engineers of GM saw that the airbag didn’t deploy and open while the cars were being bumped.


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The problem was that the sensing and diagnostic module was behaving and functioning correctly and perfectly. The problem was reported to GM on Mat 3rd 2018 and a formal investigation was opened five days later.

A number of ZR1 were taken to the Milford Proving Grounds and it was noticed that the diagnostic module would fail in case the car experienced and continued sustained braking or stimulation increasing speed or acceleration.


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In order to reset the module, all power should have been removed from the car, and this means that the battery should be disconnected and reconnected. That’s something that nobody would think of doing and that was an excellent idea.

The cancellation and recall of the vehicles affect the market in the USA. The owners of the vehicles with airbag issues were being sent letters by GM at the end of June.


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The solution to the problem is simple – update the software which does not take a long time. Only a few minutes. However, it is a must for the owners because otherwise, the airbag might not open when you need it the most. Meanwhile, for the moment being away from the track.


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