Who Is Fastest SUV In The World?

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The Tesla Model X Performance is the American fastest SUV in the world, with a pretty considerable margin, and thanks to the powerful full-electric drivetrain. This Model X also falls into the group of luxury SUVs thanks to the rich equipment it has and the beautiful elegance it offers.

This Model X is a very practical vehicle with a high-tech cabin with room for up to seven-person, all-wheel drive, and striking but fussy Falcon Wing doors.



There are two models on offer and each one impresses with its speed and all this is thanks to two onboard electric motors. Тhe Model X also handles quite nicely for such a heavy SUV, and it is all the result of that the batteries are set on the floor, creating a low center of gravity. The cabin of this vehicle is large and has a lot of technology and also offers luxury.





What’s New For This Tesla Model X?



In this case, it is difficult to know what is new in this model because unlike all other car manufacturers Tesla constantly changes its products throughout the year.

According to information coming from Tesla is they possess efficient electric motors, a fully adaptive air suspension system, and faster charging via more robust onboard chargers. Also, important information is that Tesla is testing a new variant of the Model S—the Model X’s sedan cousin—at Germany’s famed Nürburgring racecourse.



What Is The Price For The Fastest SUV In The World?


As we mentioned there are two models and that:

– Long Range – and his price is $81,190.

– Performance – and his price is $101,190.



Fastest Suv In The World


The Performance model with Ludicrous is the most comfortable model and its driving range is 305-mile. So if you want to drive the fastest SUV in the world our recommendation is to buy Tesla Model X Performance.

If you opt for the Long Range model you will get 20 miles more of driving range and you will save around $20,000.


Performance, Engine, And Transmission


The standard for all Model Xs is that they come with two electric motors – one at the rear axle and one at the front which enables them with all-wheel-drive capability.

The standard Long Range model is fast and Tesla claims at acceleration from 0-to-60-mph achieve it during a time of 4.4 seconds. Also offered a high-performance variant that comes with a 305-mile range, and acceleration from 0-to-60-mph achieves it during a time of 2.7 seconds when its Ludicrous Mode is engaged. All this allows this vehicle to be, the fastest SUV in the world.




Charging, Range, And Battery Life



Tesla Model X comes standard with a battery large and with her can pass 325-mile driving range, and on faster Performance model drops the driving range to 305 miles.

The battery is charged very quickly via one of Tesla’s Superchargers, which are located across the country. If you do the charging at home via a 240V or 120V will be slower, but it will certainly be much more convenient for the owners because Tesla offers in-home charging equipment for purchase.




MPG In Real-World And Fuel Economy



Tesla Model X, unlike other all-electric SUVs, has the highest MPGe ratings from the EPA. Long Range models have ratings of 93 highway, 99 cities, and 96 MPGe combined. Even the Performance model to have more acceleration sacrifices some of its own efficiencies and surpasses its rivals such as the Audi e-Tron SUVs and Jaguar I-Pace, in this metric.



Cargo, Interior, And Comfort



The standard for this model as for all other models of Tesla is that the interior is without buttons. Impressive in this model is a unique windshield, a glass roof that runs seamlessly from the base of the hood up over the front-seat passengers allowing a full view of what’s ahead and what’s above. Also, the interior of this model offers luxury, enough space, and comfort for all passengers.



Connectivity And Infotainment


А large touchscreen infotainment system dominates the dashboard and controls nearly all settings of the Tesla Model X. This huge screen looks just as dramatic and impressive when you’re sliding behind the wheel.

However, what is missing and what you will not find in this model is Android Auto capability Noteworthy or Apple CarPlay also is the large screen’s fussiness: Many of its onscreen icons are small or depending on the person’s size are very difficult to access from the driver’s seat.

But despite all this, these two models belong to the group of most tech-forward luxury vehicles on the market today.





Driver-Assistance Features, And Safety


In addition to the luxury offered by this model, most buyers are looking for more technical features and the Tesla Model X can rely on one function that maybe is the most interesting and that is Autopilot.

Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving mode uses multiple sensors, radars to detect objects, several cameras, people, and other vehicles and all this enables easy and safe driving of the vehicle.

Also, Tesla Model X offers a very good function and that is Summon which allows the user to park it or retrieve the SUV from tight spots while standing outside. Аnd all this proved to be necessary thanks to the silly top-hinged doors.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Tesla Model X for 2019 has given a grade of five-star but the electric SUV has not been tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Key safety features are:

– Standard lane-departure warning

– Also, available adaptive cruise control with semi-autonomous driving mode,

– Standard automated emergency braking



Fastest Suvs In The World

Maintenance Coverage, And Warranty



Tesla offers a complete warranty package to protect the Model X’s hybrid components and powertrain but lacks the complimentary scheduled maintenance packages of the I-Pace and lengthy bumper-to-bumper coverage.

– No complimentary scheduled maintenance

– The limited warranty covers 50,000 miles or 4 years

– Powertrain warranty covers 8 years no matter how many miles you have traveled

Аs we mentioned above in the text if you are unsure which model to buy our recommendation is to buy it for Tesla Model X Performance to feel the speed of the fastest SUV in the world.



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