Dirty Engine Cleaning: Top 10 Simple Tips

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Follow these 10 simple tips, and you will learn how to engine cleaning safely and effectively.



Is the driving of a clean and shiny car does it give you real pleasure? Surely the answer of all true car lovers would be simple: Yes. A well-maintained car looks fantastic as it drives through the city streets but also outside of it.



While driving in such a beautiful car you must be thinking about how to deal with all the dirt that is under the hood. If engine cleaning  seems scary to you, we can tell you that if you follow our 10 tips, you can do the whole job very simply and safely. So here’s how to clean your car engine quickly and safely.




Tip 1: Choose a nice sunny day



Choosing a nice sunny day with low humidity and little wind is ideal as it allows the engine and other components to dry quickly after cleaning.



Тip 2: Cool down your car’s engine



If your car has been running and the engine is hot, raise the hood and let the engine cool for at least 20 minutes.If you don’t do all that and start engine cleaning  right away, in that case, the hot engine, as well as all other components, can cause your skin to burn, but also the entire engine can be damaged, thus making big damage to both your vehicle and yourself.








Tip 3: Removed the battery


Before you start engine cleaning , first remove the battery, as this will protect all electrical components from damage. Also, remove all plastic covers and parts under the hood as they all need to be cleaned separately.






Tip 4: Cover all sensitive parts


It is also a very important detail that if you have an open engine air intake under the hood, you have to cover it all. It is very important because with the protection of these electronics you will be able to perform a much more detailed cleaning of the engine without fear of damaging something important.



Tip 5: Use a means for degreasing


Spray the engine completely with a degreaser, whereby every part should be completely covered. We leave it to you to decide what means you will use without giving you suggestions (since we do not want to advertise any product). But keep in mind that with any degreaser you will achieve the right goal, whether it is a household degreaser or a dedicated engine degreaser.



 Engine Cleaning Oil



Tip 6: Scrub certain parts around the engine


The application of this advice depends on how dirty the car engine is. However, keep in mind that some parts of the engine, such as the valve cover, have accumulated a lot of dirt and oil residue over time. Therefore, it is necessary to use a small synthetic brush (we remind you not to use a metal brush) to remove all the dirt collected here. If necessary, you must add more degreasing agents.



Engine Cleaning Near Me



Tip 7: Rinse the engine


When you get to this part of the procedure take your hose from the garage and along with the sprayer start washing the entire engine starting from the back to the front and remove all the degreaser that you have previously applied.
Our advice is not to spray a large amount of water in those parts of the engine where they will not dry easily, as well as not to spray water directly on the electrical components even though you have previously wrapped them with plastic bags.



 Rinse The Engine




Tip 8: Dry the engine


If you have compressed air available, you can directly release it on the engine in order to remove the excess water that has collected on certain parts.
If you don’t have all that available, then use a cloth and wipe everything you can reach with your hand. This will wipe out the water as well as remove any remaining dirt.


Tip 9: Put the battery back

After the engine is completely dry, return the battery to its place and also remove the plastic bags covering the electrical components.








Tip 10: Repeat the engine cleaning more often



The main factor in making this whole procedure the simplest is to not let your engine and the area around it get too dirty. Degreasing the engine should be done more often, every one or at most two years ​will allow you to keep your engine clean and the entire reading procedure will take you no more than an hour. Keeping the engine and the area around it clean and tidy will surely make you feel happy and satisfied.


We hope that with these tips of ours, we will contribute to completely solving all your problems (and thus have as few headaches as possible) regarding engine cleaning.


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