Chevy SS Truck 454 – 8 Very Important Information

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chevy ss truck 454

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From today’s perspective, the Chevy SS Truck 454 is not a very superior, powerful, and luxurious truck compared to today’s powerful machines, but just because it is a vehicle from the early ’90s, we can say that it is a classic truck with an incredible beauty that has not lost its value.


Between 1990 and 1993, when there was great dissatisfaction in the market with the weak diesel engines with turbochargers as well as the small 4-cylinder engines, Chevrolet decided to offer its powerful C1500 454 SS.


This Chevy SS Truck 454 included everything most drivers were looking for: a huge big-block V8 engine. All this has contributed to this powerful beast introducing completely new standards to the market.




chevy ss truck 454



Below we present the 8 important pieces of information about this Chevy SS Truck 454.




1. Chevy SS Truck 454 never won the title – model



The C1500 SS 454 was never labeled as a model and was marked with the code RPOB4U. In 1999 the name will be abandoned and replaced with Silverado. But it will still be remembered that this truck had reached the top in sports truck performance.


This classic truck has a 4-speed automatic transmission and is connected to an engine of 454ci. From today’s perspective this engine does not look very powerful, but 230HP and 405 lb-ft of torque, in the early ’90s these numbers also looked so powerful because it was an engine that has naturally aspirated.







2. The big block


To understand the obsession with big engines we have to go back in time a little bit. At the very beginning, the first pickup trucks together with the first cars that appeared on the market were very heavy. In order for these vehicles to move decently on the road, they needed large engines with lots of horsepowers.


As time went on, these engines with big blocks gradually began to appear in some light cars and all this contributed to a significant improvement in the performance of these vehicles. From that moment on, these large blocks became a recognizable symbol of great power, especially for this classic Chevy SS Truck 454.







3. The great power of acceleration



Acceleration of this Chevy SS truck from 0 to 60 mph in only 7.2 seconds allows him to be the only truck at the time to have this powerful acceleration. But it must also be mentioned that quarter-mile time was not that impressive, because it is about 15.8 seconds.


There were also other trucks at the time that could actually challenge this Chevy 454 SS, it is a GMC Syclone with a turbocharged V6 engine. Although the Chevy was not as fast as the GMC Syclone which accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds, the Chevy 454 SS continues to be very powerful and impressive for a naturally aspirated truck.








 4. This is not the cheapest truck



When it comes to this large and heavy truck we can not expect that there will be low consumption of gasoline, ie that in that respect it will be a cheap truck. Gasoline consumption is bigger with this truck so you can imagine what happens when this huge V-8 engine starts up and moves its first meters.


Consumption when driving through city streets is about 10 mpg, while if you drive on the highway number was only one greater. From this data, it can be seen that this truck is not cheap for everyday driving, but you must keep in mind while driving this Chevy SS Truck the feeling you get is inexplicable and can not be described in words, you just have to experience it.




chevy 454



5. Without a bigger load, while driving


With the appearance of the Chevy SS Truck 454 on the market, the expectations of all its fans that this truck will show all its power to long distances. Аlso, everyone was thrilled when this big and heavy truck showed great results while driving on the corners.


The package, which referred to the management of the vehicle included a front stabilizer bar, Bilstein gas-filled shocks, and 12,7:1 ratio steering. Тhis vehicle has tires from 16″ which allow very good contact with the substrate and all these performances make driving very easy and comfortable without the use of too much effort.



6. One of the most important SS aesthetic package



Just to remind you, the abbreviation SS in translation means “Super Sport” and it all takes us back to the first examples of the most competitive Chevy muscle cars, and above all here we thought of the beautiful ’72 Chevelle. The Chevy SS Truck 454 is a sports car in its soul, and its most important goal was to be remembered as one of the best trucks in the early ’90s, and its fantastic appearance helped it the most in that.


This Chevy ss truck comes with a special package when it comes to appearance: with fog lights, 454 SS decals, a heavy-duty black front grille, and blacked-out trim, the only color offered was black. In the following years, some of these parts were painted in lighter colors (red and white).



chevy ss



7. A lot of options



The overall interior of this beautiful truck comes in a completely red color also recognizable part with which this truck is delivered is the sports steering wheel. Also, another piece of equipment he has is red floor mats, cassette stereo, and bucket seats.


Another very important detail of this truck is the six-slot chrome wheels which completely fit into the overall look of this beautiful Chevy SS Truck 454.




8. Limited edition and very expensive truck


If you decide to buy this nice classic pickup truck you have to pay $18,295 ($36,450 today). Тhis offer from today’s perspective is very acceptable, but still, basically, Chevy SS Truck 454 was too expensive to be used as a work truck.


We would like to mention that we as fans of this amazing truck never take into account all those vicious comments and comparisons of this vehicle with other, chrome-laden full-size trucks. In a word, this truck is a complete product of a very different era, but still, that is what makes it so special and attractive.


For all lovers of classic trucks, we warmly recommend this amazing Chevy SS Truck 454.

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Ed Peters · at 9:51 pm

Great write up on the 454. Great truck but…I a Ford fanatic and own a 1st Gen Lightning. Do you have a write up on those, or is there one in the future?

    admin · at 10:19 pm

    Thank you for the kind words. Our team is preparing a great article about this absolutely beautiful and powerful truck – 1st Gen Lightning. All this will be published in the near future.

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