64 Lincoln Continental Convertible Is Amazing Retro Cool Car

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At the time when the classic Lincoln 1961 Continental was sketched by Elwood Engel, this beauty maybe was the most completely styled American car without any indications and suggestions of baroque decorations ornaments and finish as the 1959 Cadillac was.


This marvelous and brilliant success remained almost the same and unchanged all through the sixties and this 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible holds on to the lines of 1961 original.






However, Engel couldn’t even have imagined that one of his Continentals would be personalized and customized and that its elemental lines would be stripped only for the car’s fundamental beauty to be emphasized and underlined. That is what happened with this custom Lincoln at Mecum’s Houston auction.


The gloss black is the new color of the car’s original chrome and the 20 –inch steel wheels. What headlights the bright bits on its exterior are the tiny lug nut covers.







Another absorbing light element is the matte grey paint (actually a vinyl wrap). We can simply marvel at the ideal correctness of the Continental’s minimalist design.



Here the Edelbrock four-barrel carburetor is used for fresh and additional power along with the 430 cubic-inch Lincoln big block which is under the hood. What makes the Continental glance on the sidewalk at low altitude and when not being so fast and to become more practical on the road is the AccuAir air ride suspension that can be programmed.






These custom machines are just like CHIP actor/writer/director Dax Shepard admires and likes and he has a personalized hardtop 64 Lincoln Continental.


The only ark that inflames the generation 64 Lincoln Continental achieved is the misfortune it had to carry President Kennedy on the doom day in Dallas. Nowadays we can just admire the perfection of this blacked-out Continental beauty.


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