What Does 50 Cent Do For Leaning On His Rolls-Royce Phantom!He Smacks The Man!

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Enthusiasts, and especially car enthusiasts are usually difficult to be understood by other people. The others, the ordinary people consider their cars only as a method of transport, which is not the case with the passionate car lovers.

That’s why it is hard to understand why the car enthusiasts don’t even want anyone to touch the paint. So, don’t try to tell these people that a single fingerprint on the car is not a big deal because that is a battle you have already lost.

50 Cent

The rapper, entertainer and entrepreneur 50 Cent who is a big car enthusiast, is dealing with a fan who is leaning over the door of his custom painted Rolls-Royce Phantom, a car which must have cost a fortune.

It is a car with a paint job that that probably wasn’t cheap either. You can clearly see in the video below how 50 reacts instantly reaching out to slap the man, a fan who only wanted to get his picture or autograph.

50 Cent Rolls-Royce Phanto

This is the moment when the fan doesn’t actually know what to do after realizing the fact that he shouldn’t have touched the car. It is a little bit strange.

It is probably very shameful and impolite for somebody like 50 Cent to try to slam a fan, but at the end of this trouble, we will see this as a good lesson for the fan – Do not lean on cars in future!

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