About 350,000 F-150s And SUV’s Have Been Recalled By Ford For Faulty Transmission Gears

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What the automakers never want to hear after releasing a new car line is the word “recall”. The worst thing of all for these companies is the repairing of cars that have already been sold and what is more they get absolutely no return on the money they will spend on the repairing.
Not to mention the impact the brand will take when people will learn about the flaws and the weak points of the production. In car business the competition is very high and when designing a new product your eyes should be wide open and no mistakes are allowed because you design a product which people are going to buy repeatedly and you don’t want it back at your doors for some repairs.

Not long ago Ford announced that 350,000 of their vehicles where Ford F-150s, SUVs and a few othr larger vehicles F-650 and F-750 are included, have been recalled for safety issues which are related to the transmission.

The problem was in a clip within the unit that hasn’t been securely fastened. This allows the vehicle to essentially leap out of park after the driver has stopped the vehicle and they roll under their own power after operation. Let’s hope that the owners will realize the problem before any accidents happen.
Ford Recall
The video below will make this problem a little bit clearer and show you what you can expect from this recall. We recommend to those affected by this issue to get their vehicles mended as soon as possible.

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