2024 Dark Horse Mustang That Will Blow Your Mind Forever

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Simply – The Rarest and Most Wild 2024 Dark Horse Mustangs You’ll Ever See


The Ford Mustang has been a popular car for over fifty years. The original model was released in 1964 and has been redesigned many times since. After Ford announced the new Dark Horse Mustang all true fans were very happy and excited about the appearance of this car.


This vehicle is a modified version of the Mustang that is designed to be a race car, and it is perfect for drivers who want to feel the power and adrenaline of driving a fast and powerful car. Although it inherits several parts from the Shelby GT350 and GT500, this Mustang will not have any Shelby badges. The most impressive that has inherited them are the lightweight carbon-fiber wheels.



Horse Mustang



So this is the first time that Ford has offered very exotic rims on a model other than the Shelby Mustang, so they are expected to be quite expensive when they become available in the model year.


The 2024 Dark Horse Mustang as well as the regular Mustang GT is offered only with Ford’s Coyote 5.0-liter V-8. Although it is about the latest generation of engines featuring dual throttle bodies fed by dual air intakes, the engine that this Dark Horse Mustang will have will be further improved and perfected in order to have even more power. That’s why Ford is announcing that this engine is the most powerful 5.0-liter V-8 they’ve ever made.


Unlike the GT models that use a Getrag manual transmission, this Dark Horse features a standard Tremec six-speed manual transmission with a special 3D-printed titanium knob. Another option available is a 10-speed automatic transmission. But whichever option you choose, the rear wheels are driven via a Torsen limited-slip diff.


According to the statements coming from the chief engineer Ed Krenz, that is the Dark Horse brand has been circulating in the manufacturer Ford itself for a long time before it was chosen to be used for the seventh generation Mustang.Although there were many names in play such as Mach 1s, Bosses, and Bullitts, in the end, it was decided on the Dark Horse Mustang since it was a brand new Mustang coming to the market.



2024 Dark Horse-Mustang



The 2024 Dark Horse Mustang Looks Very Menacing


This Mustang looks too dangerous and threatening, so the dark design itself was an additional inspiration to choose the name Dark Horse. Therefore, if a comparison is made with the standard GT model, which already has an aggressive mug, this new Dark Horse goes much further with a unique front part that contains larger openings on the grills and very open nostrils, all in order to have much greater cooling.


Its taillights and smoked headlights give a feeling of great power. Also, the body of the coupe is decorated with unique aero bits such as distinctive Dark Horse badges on the decklid and the front fenders and fixed rear wing.


Another very significant feature that makes this 2024 Dark Horse Mustang identifiable and at the same time different from other Mustang models is its exclusive Blue Ember metallic color. The Ford company also offers painted or applied graphics in different designs and colors.



2024 Dark Horse Mustang 1



This Mustang has 19-inch wheels mounted on Pirelli P Zero PZ4 summer tires and all of them are connected to MagneRide adaptive dampers. Standard rims are 10.0 inches wide out back and 9.5 inches wide up front, but they increase if you choose the optional Handling package that comes with super-sticky Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RS rubber to 11.0 and 10.5 inches.


In this package are also included thicker front and rear sway bars, stiffer springs, and a rear wing with a Gurney flap for more downforce. What is distinctive about this Dark Horse Mustang is that they all have Brembo six-piston fixed front calipers that clamp 13.9-inch rotors.



The Most Unique Blue You’ll Ever See!


The interior of this Dark Horse Mustang in one word we can say is amazing, it is completely redesigned and full of technology. That means it has a digitalized dashboard that is combined with a 13.2-inch touchscreen and a 12.4-inch digital gauge cluster. This Mustang also has the latest Sync 4 interface that has been specially adapted for this Dark Horse model, and what’s interesting is that it accepts over-the-air upgrades.


What is unique about this model of Mustang is the new electronic drift brake that is of great help to drivers, and also unique are it’s blue interior accents and glossy dark metallic trim pieces. Ford also offers a package with Deep Indigo Blue seats with special perforations.



Dark Horse Mustang



The 2024 Dark Horse Mustang is due to hit the market next summer, but Ford has yet to announce the price of this car, but our estimate is that the starting price will hover somewhere around $60,000.


1. The 2024 Dark Horse Mustang is the first model of its kind and its primary purpose is the track and is based on the redesigned V-8–powered GT.

2. This Mustang has a far improved 5.0-liter V-8 targeting 500 horsepower and is connected to Ford’s 10-speed automatic or a Tremec six-speed manual transmission.

3. The Dark Horse has many standard features that along with the unique styling is the only Mustang that has optional carbon-fiber wheels and Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RS tires.


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